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Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a specially constructed holiday resort situated on the south-west coast of Gran Canaria. The island’s proximity to the African continent ensures an ideal climate, particularly in the winter, when the temperatures remain constant at around 20-25°C.
The volcanic origins of Gran Canaria are very apparent in the island’s coastal ruggedness and contrasting verdant interior. Many of the rocky ravines that lead down to the coastline have been developed with holiday installations; Puerto Rico is one. The apartments and hotels adorn the sides of the otherwise barren cliffs.

Puerto Rico beach
Puerto Rico has a sandy beach encompassed by two small harbours. Inside the resort you will find that the majority of shops and restaurants are situated in commercial centres. The main centre is at the heart of Puerto Rico, The Europa Shopping Centre is in the higher part (top of the hill), and the Pasarela centre at the back of the beach on the way to the marina.

The Centro Commercial.
The Centro Commercial (shopping center) in Puerto Rico has improved greatly in the last few months. It now boasts some lovely restaurants of all nationalities and is attracting a much wider selection of people of all ages and nationalities. Well worth a visit on your next visit to Mogan.
There is a lovely cliff walk from Puerto Rico to Amadores beach. This takes you along the coast giving splendid sea views as you walk. Once there you will be spoilt for choice with the vast selection of bars and restaurants available.