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The Climate of Gran Canaria

The Climate of Gran Canaria

The all year around ideal Climate
The climate of Gran Canaria
is subtropical semi-arid for some locations, but it varies considerably
depending where you are going. For the main touristic resorts the weather is
mostly comfortable. 


In Maspalomas it is
normally 28-33 degrees in July in the  daytime, which drops to 21-24 by night. In
winter, day temperature is normally 23 and by night 16-17. Bad weather can
occur, especially between mid-October and March. Temperatures can then drop to
11-12 degrees and be quite windy.

Playa Mogan
has the best climate in the Canary Islands, with the least wind, and this is, due to its
protected location, it is always the driest in the winter too.


Las Palmas has a  
different climate, and is sometimes cloudy and it may rain ,even in May or
June, but it is not very common. If you travel in the winter take at least a thick
jacket or two. If you plan to travel to the mountains bring or buy a scarf and
gloves. The freezing point can be reached on Pozo de Las Nieves.
When temperatures rise
above 40, try to stay in the shadows, close to climatized air (air con) In the summertime, always drink plenty of water during
the day. If winds are blowing from the from Sahara desert (only 60 miles away)
it gets very hot in both the summer and winter months.This is known as a Calima.